Metropolitan Dr. Paulos. Mar Gregorios

Metropolitan Dr.Paulos Mar Gregorios (1922-1996) known as "Gregorios, the Gifted " Metropolitan of Indian (Malankara) Orthodox Church, President, World Council of Churches (WCC), founder President of Parimala Mar Gregorios Memorial Charitable Trust, Thalacode was, Scholar, Philosopher, Author, Educationalist, Linguistic, Socio- political thinker, lover of children and nature, crusader against exploitation, religious-cultural arrogance, justice and peace. Above all he was incessantly at work and prayer for all the humanity in truth and love.

The unusual versatility of Mar Gregorios consistently found expression in several ways:


• A capacity to transmit the essence of spiritual, philosophical and socio-political concepts with a lucidity springing from the depths of his own study and reflection.

• A constructive compassion, rooted in an ancient faith, that reaches, farther than just help, to those in various forms of oppression and helplessness, to ways of social restructuring through an ethical-intellectual renewal, to address the deeper causes of the human condition.

• The illuminating search for the fundamental principles shared by the different religions of the East as a possible basis for common understanding and endeavour.

• A spontaneous interest in natural and social sciences, as well as in historical processes, resulting in holistic contributions to contemporary thought.

Mar Gregorios was of course sensitive to the need for urgent response to human suffering compounded by many-sided poverty. Of this, his modest efforts for the stonecutters of Tughlakabad in Delhi and the orphaned boys at St.Mary's Boys' Home, Thalacode in Kerala are examples. What concerned him more basically was the futility of "swabbing the floor without closing the tap.'' He wanted the socio-economic system that regularly reproduced poverty to be altered.

Dr. Paulos Mar Gregorios lived a full life. True to his name, Gregorios, he remained ever awake. Yet such was the ambition of the agenda he set for himself, his work will have to be continued by those who share his convictions and interests.


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  • New admissions to Boys Home for the academic year 2012-2013 is already started.
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His Grace Metropolitan Geevarghese Mar Coorilos Orthodox Church Centre, Sector x, Vashi, New bombay-400 703.



Various Industrical Concerns are conducting Campus Interview and mostly all the children are provided with suitable jobs on completion of their course. Preference are given to the students from St.Mary's Boys' Home